I have to admit I have nostalgia for men in suits. Here you will find a collection of original oil paintings inspired by film noir-stylish Hollywood crime dramas of the early 1940s and 1950s that used low-key lighting and plots that emphasized moral ambiguity and sexual motivation. This work is a stylized reality in a mix of impressionism and classical realism where light and shadows behave as their own characters.

This inspired collection of images where figures lingering in shadows tell a multitude of stories to be interpreted by the observer. In this gritty world there is dark seduction showing the "Man's Man" sort of heroes from the World War II era, along with their smoldering Fine American Tobacco, there is heat generated from an unspoken tension between the players. The viewer is aware of a tension between two men, but I have purposely created titles that do not explain the dilemmas. You see a man with a gun pointing it at the chest of another man, yet the title simply reads, "Man with a Gun." Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, and where will this lead, is up to the viewer.

There are two parts to the process of creating this series. First I paint the entire scene in just black and white, and gray tones, in a layered under painting technique used by the European masters to deepen the impact. Then I applied layer after thin layer of color, which serves to heighten the dramatic effect. What also grabs the viewer are details like: the authenticity of wardrobe, the green glow of buzzing neon tubes under the ridge of a bartender's counter, and the orange, searing glow of ash on a lit cigarette -such are the seized moments that animate these stoic stories.