What is a Wim Griffith steel sculpture?

My steel sculptures are torch-cut sheet steel that are actually cutout shadow pieces, which were inspired by Chinese brush painting. These steel works are the ultimate in chiaroscuro.

I start with a sheet of steel and cut away the highlights. What you see as black is the remaining flat two dimensional sculpture that you can actually see through.

What I have created are sculptures of shadows, leaving the highlights to be filled in by the mind's eye. The best way to appreciate this phenomenon is to observe the shadows cast by the sculptures themselves.

However, these unique sculptures are just as exciting standing alone as they are with a light shinning on them to cast their wondrous shadows.

These pieces have a baked on enamel finish which makes them suitable for use indoors or out.

How do I light my Wim Griffith steel sculpture?
My advise for lighting it is to experiment. Different kinds of lights and different types of bulbs give different sorts of shadows from very sharp to soft and defused. The brightness of the light in your particular setting will also influence the appearance of the shadow as well as the distance and angle. What you want to achieve can only be created by you.

You need to add your vision and creativity to my work to finish it. There is no right way or wrong way to light or display your sculpture. There is only the right way for you. I do suggest you use a light with a dimmer so you can change the intensity to suit your mood. You might even try using a colored light or two at different angles and see what colorful effects that creates.

But don't feel the only way to display my work is with fancy lighting. My steel sculptures are beautiful and dramatic just standing alone in your home or garden. Although they are best seen when placed in front of a light colored background. You can even place a votive candle in front of the small steel sculptures which will create a shadow that will move and dance with the flicker of the candles flame.

Thank you for bringing my work into your home. I hope you find a lot of pleasure in it.

If you would like to commission a painting, steel or bronze sculpture please contact me using the e-mail form located via the "Contact Wim" link to the left.