The technical explanation of oil painting is that it is a picture painted with oil paints. A paint made by grinding pigment in oil, usually linseed oil. Modern oil painting evolved in the 15th century when Jan van Eyck found that linseed oil and oil from nuts could be mixed with pigments to create a flexible and durable medium with vibrant colors.

Many artists today consider oil painting to be the fundamental art medium because paint does not dry quickly. Oil paints take several weeks to dry, this allows the artist to work on a painting for many sessions. Oil paint also has a propensity to blend into surrounding paint allowing very subtle blending of colors. This medium also produces vivid color with a natural sheen and distinct contrast. Oil paints have a surface translucency similar to human skin, making it an ideal medium for portraits.

I stated my curer as a painter. I've worked as a scenic artist in film and have worked with interior designers painting murals and decorative painting for years, but my favorite is oil on canvas. I love to spend the day in my studio standing in front of my easel with my pallet in one hand and a brush in the other.

Painting is the study of the three-dimensional expression on the two-dimensional surface. I find the process of oil painting so exciting from the first step when I decide on my pallet of color for each particular painting, to laying in the undercoat, followed by adding the highlights and shadows and finishing with the final details. I am always asked how long it takes to create a painting? There is no specific answer to that. Sometimes a painting happens very quickly in just a few days, sometimes weeks or months. I've come back to what I once thought was a finished painting years later and made changes to it.

My natural style of painting is a traditional style of realism, however, I have always admired California Impressionism. To see how a single brushstroke can be laid down to create the perfect highlight or shadow, while at the same time, creating a texture that enlivens the canvas and causes light to dance across the surface is a beautiful thing. Although this style is more of a challenge for me I find it perfectly suits certain subjects. In my collection you will find painting stiles ranging form Classical European painting to Impressionism.

Not only will you find original oil paintings for your perusal and purchase but I have also created prints of each of my works. These are printed on high quality glossy paper with museum quality archival inks to give you a print that you will enjoy for years to come. Each print is signed by me and numbered.

I hope you enjoy your tour. If you would like to commission a work please contact me through my email or feel free to call my studio at 562-421-4330.