Below are a number of links, either to other artists whom Wim knows, or to stores or events where you can purchase Wim's artwork.

If you'd like to be added to this list, visit the CONTACT WIM page and send us an e-mail requesting to be added to the list. Please be aware, however, that links to random sites will not be included here. Your event or store must be somehow related to Wim and his artwork.


Art of Leon:
Orginal Male erotic art by LEON

Bobby Cook Erotic Art Show:
An annual gathering of world famous erotic artists and live nude models. Includes performance art and demos, tattooing, piercing, musicians, and vendors of erotic paraphernalia. Held annually in Phoenix, AZ.
Look for Wim's booth each year at the Bobby Cook Erotic Art Show!

Folsom Street Fair:
Folsom Street Events is a nonprofit organization serving the adult San Francisco alternative communities. Through the production of street fairs, Folsom Street Events promotes diversity within the leather/alternative lifestyle, highlighting entertainment, service and vendors. Proceeds from the production of the fairs are distributed to organizations which promote a sense of community, diversity, cooperation, health and human services.
Look for Wim's booth each year at the Folsom Street Fair!

Q Gift Shop:
Serving the Dayton, Ohio area since 1993.
Q Gift Shop is a featured retailer of Wim Griffith artwork!

Tom of Finland Erotic Art Show:
The Tom of Finland Foundation currently produces Erotic Art Fairs every year in Los Angeles and New York City. The Fairs provide a venue for artists to exhibit and sell their works, and an opportunity for the public to view this unique work and become collectors.
Look for Wim's booth each year at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Show!

Tuff Stuff Leather:
Dedicated to providing the Leather and S&M community with a quality custom leather product at a reasonable price; with stores in Palm Springs, CA and Phoenix, AZ!
Tuff Stuff Leather is a featured retailer of Wim Griffith artwork!

Worn Out West:
Buying and selling new or used leather, denim, boots, latex and more in the heart of the Castro, San Francisco CA
Worn Out West is a featured retailer of Wim Griffith artwork!