I have been a professional artist since graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Design. I spent a number of years working with interior designers doing paintings, murals, decorative painting, and trompe loeil. I also worked as a scenic artist in the film industry for several years. I have sculpted life-size bronze busts for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame witch include Betty White, Diana Shore, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, James Garner and more. You can see them on my portrait page. When not doing commission work, I enjoy painting and sculpting to please myself, which seems to please my collectors as well.

In my gallery you will find Steel Sculpture which are torch cut figures that can stand alone as unique works of art or when lit with a spot light can throw amazing shadows to create a second work of art. There is also a gallery of original oil paintings on canvas and prints on high quality glossy paper printed with museum archival inks. You will also find a gallery of Giclee prints on canvas of several of my works. A gallery of my Bronze Sculpture is also here and a gallery of portraits, which include painted and sculpted portraits.

I had an instructor once who said to paint what you love. I love painting and sculpting the male form. Although I occasionally do an erotic piece, most of my work isn't sexual in subject. It is, however, in its celebration of the beauty of men, unquestionably sensual.

I have always been fascinated by the contrast of mans physical strength with his emotional tenderness. I love to capture the powerful and dynamic male body in a moment of quiet reflection or intimate tenderness.

While most of my work is purchased by men, I am delighted to see how many women are collectors. More and more people have set aside the fear and trepidation imposed by so-called moralist and chose to follow their hearts, collecting fine art that celebrates the nude, be it male or female. This subject mater has been painted and sculpted for it's beauty and filled the homes of collectors and benefactors for centuries. Art feeds the soul.

To read more about my past gallery shows and completed commissions check out my resume.

If you would like to commission a painting, steel or bronze sculpture, or if you would like to just let me know what you think of my work please contact me via e-mail or by phone 562-421-4330. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for coming to my gallery. Have fun exploring my work.